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JC Penney Lobby Remodel

Salt Lake City, Utah



The owners of the iconic JC Penney building in Salt Lake City Utah were facing a tough challenge. The existing lobby of their fifteen story high-rise was dark, outdated and worst of all, too small.

Axis viewed this challenge as an opportunity to create an inviting and new bright space because “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”. The architects removed the stairs from the front lobby and relocated them to the side, opening up a larger two-story space for the lobby. The addition of clear glass for the exterior walls and the choice of light materials on the interior was very deliberate and resulted in a much brighter feel inside the building., a subsidiary of Axis Architects, provided the design and manufacturing of the metal panels for the contractors to install. The two-story wall of metal wrapping up and morphing into a ceiling resulted in a very unique and dynamic look.

From a maintenance stand point, which is always important to an owner, the materials are extremely durable and will withhold the high impact use of an office lobby. This downtown high-rise gained a new life and will serve its users for years to come.


Client: Withheld

Size: 3,620 SF

Cost: withheld by owner

Location: 310 S. Main Street

Completion Date: 2019








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