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USU Equine Center


In an open competition, Axis Architects was selected unanimously by the jury to provide the design for Utah State University’s world class Equine Education Center.

This facility is part rural barn, and part high-tech higher education classroom. Axis architects celebrated this dichotomy by reinterpreting the classic barn form and utilizing a combination of traditional and
manufactured materials. In its form, it elegantly describes the relationship of equine program with educational program, intersecting the two elements.

A primary concern was health and safety, both for the horses and for the people who operate the program. The facility includes a 45,000 SF performance arena, 42 stalls, a breeding facility, classrooms and the administrative offices for the Department of Equine Education. In addition, it provides all of the support spaces, for a self sufficient program removed from the main campus. These include all of the
exterior amenities required on the 16 acre site.

Phase II of the Equine Education Center for Utah State University is the addition of a new 4,200 square foot classroom building with state-of-the-art digital amenities for a 21st century educational experience. The new pre-engineered metal building complements the recently completed arena and stable buildings and creates a cohesive campus. Facilities consist of one large, 60 seat classroom, a smaller 20+ seat classroom, faculty offices, and other supporting spaces. Classrooms are arranged to utilize the various volumes within the building.


Utah State University

Logan, UT


76,500 SF






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