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When Boeing moved production and finishing of its 787 horizontal stabilizers to Salt Lake City, they turned to Axis Architects, not only to provide architectural design work to support their new assembly lines, but also to help them re-engineer their manufacturing processes. Axis began by devising a new, computerized rail transport system to carry completed stabilizers through the exacting painting process with vastly
reduced exposure to damage and error. We followed up by analyzing and re-thinking two different assembly lines to use far less than the expected square footage. Finally, Axis prepared state-of-the art facility designs (new or renovated based on need) to house these advances in industrial design.

Notable Axis Architects projects for Boeing have included:

• The LEED Silver-rated, 35,000 SF Boeing Paint Facility. The indoor environment for employees is enhanced. Impact on our natural environment is lessened. Among its efficiencies, this facility eliminates the possibility of damaging a horizontal stabilizer, a risk that was previously very costly. Completion: 2012.

• Boeing Assembly Line I. Beginning with 81,400 SF, Axis worked with Boeing to review operational flow, eliminate unnecessary travel distance, and cut process-related waste. Axis also created digital models to analyze movement of parts within and between work cells. The final assembly line footprint only required 42,000 SF. Completion: 2012.

• Boeing Assembly Line II, 75,000 SF. Work involved coordinating new construction with complex utility infrastructure and ongoing production operations. Digital models of as-built conditions and of assembly processes were key factors allowing accelerated completion and doubling of the original line while increasing the overall footprint by only 30%. Completion: 2014.


The Boeing Company

Salt Lake City, UT


191,400 SF


Withheld at Owner's Request




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