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USU Business Building Remodel

Logan, Utah


Axis Architects was commissioned to revitalize Utah State University’s business building, which was approximately 45 years old, and showing it’s age. Axis analyzed the circulation and use patterns, and modified the interior layout to incorporate nodes where students could relax, study and engage in dialogue. We also noticed that the interior finishes were contributing to the dreary atmosphere; we replaced the wall finishes with a combination of eucalyptus wood and perforated stainless steel. This combination of materials allowed for an updated modern appeal with a feeling of warmth. And while a previous designer had suggested carpeting the original terrazzo floor, we recognized that grinding and refinishing the old surface would reveal the gleaming elegance and durability of this material. This activated the previously cold and dark corridors, bringing back energy and life to the building, and bringing it into the twenty first century. The key feature of this project was the dedication wall - the curved surface had previously been covered with aging, mismatched plaques recognizing service and achievements by alumni; Axis replaced this with a plate glass wall with a pattern of frosted surfaces and opaque lettering punctuated with several flat screen TVs and back lit with LED, creating an inspiring focal point to the building.



Client: Utah State University

Size: 52,410 SF

Cost: $1,794,638

Completion: 2008






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