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USDB Libbie Edwards



After several previous programming and building analysis projects for the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind, Axis Architects was selected as the architects for a two-part project for the school. The initial phase included a building evaluation and reprogramming of the USDB functions; the second phase involved the design and renovation of an existing school facility to accommodate the new program.


The details of the project consisted of providing additional ramps at exterior access at four locations, upgrading the acoustics in the classrooms to address the specific needs of the students, remodeling toilet rooms to not only meet ADA requirements, but add additional wheelchair accessibility and upgrading the kitchen to meet the new requirements of a full-prep kitchen. The building was also modified to eliminate other impediments to the impaired children to enhance the educational experience. Axis also addressed fire and life safety issues, modified the mechanical and plumbing systems and performed a seismic retrofits. Other modifications included the elimination of hallway protrusions and upgraded acoustics and lighting controls.


Axis Architects donated three pieces of installation artwork to the school, including two visually interactive murals and a sound wall which incorporates wood cavities and musical strings that can be manipulated by the students.



Project Info


Client: Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind


Location: Salt Lake City, Utah


Size: 42,000 SF


Cost: $1,800,000


Completed: 2010








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