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U of U INC Remodel

Salt Lake City, Utah


The University of Utah’s Imaging & Neurosciences Center houses the Utah Center for Advanced Imaging Research (UCAIR).  Axis Architects was asked to design a renovation for several under-utilized lab spaces into a large open office space, conference room,  and smaller shared offices for the UCAIR’s professors, research staff and graduate students. The design solution was to create a space that felt open and invited collaboration within the group, but could be closed off to allow privacy as well. A series of 8 foot wide barn doors allows the shared offices to be closed off when privacy is required. A series of skylights in the large open space provide natural light. The skylights, randomly placed in the space have different aperture surrounding each skylight which diffuses the light differently and creates a very dynamic space throughout the day.



Client: University of Utah - Facilities Manag.

Size: Area SF - 10,980

Cost: $809,500

Completion: May 2013



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