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Sutherland Institute

Salt Lake City, Utah


Sutherland Institute is a conservative public policy think tank. They retained Axis Architects to provide design services for their office relocation, as well as help Sutherland update their corporate image, and push beyond some of their conservative tendencies along the way.  Axis Architects designed a more contemporary space that still met their all of their programming needs.


The lobby features an undulating red ribbon wall that welcomes their guests into Sutherland’s space.  A raised platform waiting area offers a warm inviting environment with views to Main Street and the mountains to the north as well.   The office wall on the perimeter of the building utilizes glass walls to allow both natural light as well as the views to be shared with the lobby space and interior work stations.



Client: Sutherland Group

Size: 5,970 SF

Cost: $245,927

Completion: September 2012



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