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Spanish Oaks Clubhouse

Spanish Fork, Utah

Axis designed a 7,000 square foot addition to the Spanish Oaks Clubhouse. The project was intended as an expansion and update of the existing clubhouse to give it new design character and expand its functionality.

Our design approach was to add an additional volume to the building with a roof rising to the views over the golf course. Large window walls capture this view for the banquet/assembly area it houses. Accent materials at the new entry area and chimneys along with wood soffits give life to a building meant to be integrated in its impressive natural environment.

The existing shed roofs created an identity that was used for the expansion, while the entire design was updated for a more modern, elegant feel. The work also included an update of selected service areas, and improved area and functionality for golf cart storage. 


Size: 7,000 SF Addition

Cost: withheld by owner

Completion: TBD



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