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UVU Losee Center Remodel


Due to a large reorganization of their campus, Utah Valley University relocated several administrative departments to this 90,000 SF building. The project is called the Center for Student Success, combining several departments that provide assistance and counseling for students to help them choose an academic focus, succeed in their studies, and start a career.

Working closely with the directors of the departments and their personnel, our firm was able to provide unique solutions for individual departments while promoting an open environment and interaction between departments. This solution works in part because it capitalizes on and reinforces the successful qualities of the existing building, while providing clarity to the arrangement and functioning of the inter related operations. A bamboo “ribbon” snakes through the building, linking the different departments and marking the boundary between public spaces and the different private departments.


Utah Valley University

Orem, UT


50,626 SF






Photographer: Scot Zimmerman

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