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The Front Climbing Club


"Envisioned as a silhouette that contrasts its urban context, an echo of the dramatic Wasatch Range in the background. Like the heart of climbing – one that whispers of precise movement one minute, and pounds with coursing power the next – the space is designed to be both refined and raw. The desire to create an authentic destination was critical to the identity of the Front Climbing Club; it offers an ambiance that is complex and rich to its varied users, a departure from the typical climbing warehouse. Designed to be much more than a climbing gym; it is a community center, strength-maker, party-house, workplace, and showpiece for the owner as gym-operator and climbing wall manufacturer. The outcome dynamically weaves space and program that provides for classes, climbing, and events."


The Front Climbing Club

Salt Lake City, UT


30,000 SF


Withheld at Owner's Request




Photographer: Scot Zimmerman

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