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Salt Flats Viewing Pavilion


The clients for this project, the State of Utah and the Utah Department of Transportation had a vision to create a structure that would invite visitors to stop and enjoy the Salt Flats. The building had to grab the
attention of the drivers from the freeway within seconds. At the same time, the building couldn’t become a distraction from the simple beauty of this unique landscape. The design solution was simple: create a striking structure to frame the landscape. The Pavilion is located on the lake side of the freeway, on the other side, visitors arriving to Utah couldn’t appreciate the landscape from the ground; the rest stop, parked vehicles and the freeway itself block the view. The tower will offer an elevated point of view for miles. The monolithic character of the structure is reinforced by the use of concrete. To emulate the salt flats, the concrete is composed of white sparkling quartz, white portland cement and white sand. The pre-tensioned concrete “pieces” will be manufactured in Salt lake City, transported by truck and erected on the site.



Bonneville Salt Flats, UT


1,200 SF






Photographer: Scot Zimmerman

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