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Onset Financial Headquarters


This four-story office building is nestled on the east edge of the property with parking on three sides of the building. This positioning embraces the natural topography of the site by following the Santa Clara River and providing employees with unencumbered views of the neighboring bluffs and peaks of Snow Canyon in the distance.

Constructed as a steel frame and concrete deck system, the building stands four-stories tall and strikes a dramatic form against the desert landscape. Subtle shifting in the orientation of each floor plate offers unique indoor & outdoor spaces on each level. Exterior zinc metal panels comprise the majority of the exterior façade. An aluminum curtain wall system with high performance glazing system enables the building to perform under the extreme conditions of southern Utah.

The main entrance hall is accessible from both sides of the building. As vestibule serves as the conventional entrance from the parking and drop-off lane on the West side. Yet the lobby also has operable glass windows on both sides that open to blur the line between indoor and outdoor space.

The first floor is considered the “Lifestyle Level,” with an array of employee amenities. Prominently positioned directly behind the reception desk is the game room with a half-court basketball court and other gaming options. A “Bistro” stocked with snacks and designed to host large groups of employees at any time is open to an outdoor terrace on the east side of the building, protected from the relentless southern Utah sun. The “Fitness Center” loaded with the latest equipment is positioned to view primarily north, ideal for group activities and personal fitness. Upscale locker rooms afford employees every opportunity to take advantage of the corporate amenities and encourage a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.

An interior atrium with a grand stair climbs through the center of the building. This “active stair” encourages employees to make the “healthy-choice” throughout their workday by opting to stay active with small bursts of daily activity. A skylight above the atrium showers the building in controlled, natural light. A rooftop mounted mechanical smoke evacuation system will rapidly direct smoke in the case of a fire out of the building and away from the key areas where occupants may be sheltering or escaping from the danger.
Level two is dedicated to Onset Financials Sales team. Glass enclosed manager offices line the west side of the building while cubicles for up to 60 employees fill the remaining interior space. A multi-media / training room bookends the north end of the building, and two unique conference rooms bookend the south end. Flanking outdoor terraces on opposite sides of the building afford the sales team access to the outdoors throughout their workday furthering daily healthy choices. This healthy corporate ethos begins at the top and by design permeates each aspect of the building’s composition.

Level three is dedicated to Onset Financials Marketing, Accounting, Documentation, Legal and Human Resources teams. Fifteen manager offices, along with cubicles for up to another 60 employees fill the floor. An executive conference suite and several private conference rooms complete the program. Another outdoor terrace with east facing views serves at the third floor’s convenient access to the outdoors.
Level four is quite unique for any office building. The entire twelve thousand square foot floor serves primarily as the CEO’s executive suite dedicated to his daily operations and his personal health. Guests arrive via elevator or stair and are ushered into a private executive waiting area. Here they either enter the CEO office on the north end of the building, or the conference room with west facing views. These areas are serviced by the executive kitchen and lounge, where break-out activities can take place in a more casual setting with access to a private outdoor terrace. The CEO also has a more private area on this floor dedicated to personal health and well-being. Accessed by way of a private elevator that originates from an exclusive garage on level one allows for the privacy required by the CEO. An exclusive fitness center, sauna, hot tub and locker room with access to a private open air zen garden allow for moments of isolation and introspection. A luxurious lounge with kitchen and area for repose completes the south end of the fourth floor.

Like many conventional office buildings, the mechanical systems are located on the roof. However, by tapering the exterior walls the equipment is disguised, much like a conventional screen wall, but more integrated into the overall building composition. A bank of air source condensers serve to supply the VRF mechanical system which distribute heating and cooling in a localized and controlled manner, contribute highly to the building’s overall performance and comfort. An air-handler supplies fresh, purified make-up air throughout the building.


Onset Financial

St. George, UT


55,000 SF






Photographer: Scot Zimmerman

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