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M-15 Lofts


M-15 is a new development in the heart of the Ballpark area, one of Salt Lake City’s next great eclectic neighborhoods. We believe long-term success for the area will be achieved through a provision of owner-occupied for-sale housing, neighborhood retail and restaurants.

Our plan builds on strong demand for Townhomes in the neighborhoods close to downtown, with entry-level price points.

Our development seeks to exemplify objectives for design, use, and area-activation through an urban-planning-based and comprehensive approach to place-making. We have met with City officials to ensure the program is feasible and are moving toward land acquisition and site plan approval.

20 townhouse-style dwelling units are provided on-site in two separate superstructures. Residential units vary in size and layout to accommodate permant tenure for varying family sizes and budgets. All residential units have access through a front yard that provides privacy from the street public way.


Axis Architects

Salt Lake City, UT


33,000 SF






Photographer: Scot Zimmerman

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