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Juniper Point Clubhouse


The Juniper Point facility includes a clubhouse, swimming pools, tennis and basketball courts for a small community in Herriman, Utah. From the inside, the structure is visually recessive and focuses the attention
on the views. The roof slopes to direct the heavy winter snow away from the deck areas. Large overhangs provide shading and protection from the elements. The exterior siding and ceilings are made of Trestlewood, reclaimed from the pilings of the Great Salt Lake railroad trestle. The wood was submerged in the salty water for nearly 100 years and gained a high content of salt and minerals, which combine to make it fi re retardant and decay resistant. In addition to being a recycled product and an environmental solution, the embedded salt crystals give the old Doug Fir a unique appearance. The simple yet elegant design, associated with traditional materials give the building a enduring and timeless appearance.

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