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Highland Row


The Highland park neighborhood to the east of Highland Drive is a highly desirable location, but the price point of the single family homes in the neighborhood makes them out of reach for younger families. Axis Architect's Highland Row development is a project made possible through the recent extension of the CB Zone and provides a housing option that was previously atypical for the area, but which fulfills the goals of the CB Zone: to allow for the integration of medium-impact commercial spaces and adjacent residential zone.

Axis' design does more than simply provide more affordable housing options in the area, however. Each spacious 3-story unit intuitively designed and afforded a number of highly desirable features, including large windows, private porches and balconies, private garages, flex spaces that can be used as home offices or additional living spaces, engaging views, and rooftop decks on select units. An additional public amenity space on the east side of the property that includes a gas grill, gas fireplace, a variety of seating options, and a ping-pong table helps encourage a sense of closeness and community for residents.


Axis Architects

Salt Lake City, UT








Photographer: Scot Zimmerman

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