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First Security Building


Axis Architects was commissioned to design an interior remodel for the historic First Security Building in downtown Salt Lake City. This project served as a model floor that was used in leasing several other floors in the building, among other marketing uses.

A recent mechanical upgrade located several mechanical units in the tenant space itself, suspended from the floor structure at each level. This compounds the problem of an already low floor-to-floor height. By
strategically implementing a ceiling strategy that deploys independent ceiling clouds of varying heights and sizes, these mechanical units are hidden. The existing structure behind the clouds is painted dark, giving the impression of a higher ceiling. The spatial organization of the tenant space is arranged to break the rigid geometry of the existing shell and create open spaces. Glass walls and doors further this concept while allowing outside light to enter all spaces of the project. The use of wood flooring for the wall finishes creates a warm and inviting space in the main entrance and lobby areas.

As in other offices, the reception desk serves as the focus of activity and attention in this project. The simple geometry of the desk contrasts with the complex surface undulations and ripples, which vary in
intensity, from one area of the desk to the next. Flat working surfaces are provided as needed, making this desk a functional and visually striking centerpiece to the project.


City Creek Reserve Inc.

Salt Lake City, UT


1200 SF






Photographer: Scot Zimmerman

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