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Axis Architects Office


Axis Architects' office facility is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Extensively remodeled from a former trophy shop, the office has an open modern layout that fosters creativity and communication between employees. Iconic forms such as the entrance and lobby area and the conference room serve to separate the large open space.

The large program elements such as the conference room and restrooms serve to separate the large open space into distinct work areas. In addition, the negative space created by the large elements is used to contain the mechanical and electrical rooms. This efficient use of space allows the firm to use a maximum of available interior space.

This project is LEED Gold certified, a distinction given to new buildings which use state-of-the-art sustainable techniques and energy saving systems. Daylighting systems allow an abundance of natural light into the space to minimize electrical usage during the day. The HVAC system uses a variety of control measures to minimize waste and energy usage. Renewable materials are used whenever necessary, and the office is located adjacent to alternative transportation methods.


Axis Architects

927 S. State Street, Salt Lake City, UT


3,500 SF






Photographer: Scot Zimmerman

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