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Fresenius Medical Care

Fresenius Medical Care

Research and Development Facility

Ogden, Utah


Fresenius Medical Care, a multinational manufacturer of dialysis filter and saline bags has over 1,000,000 square feet of manufacturing in Ogden, Utah. 


Alan Turner and his team at Axis have been designing clean rooms, complex building and process utilities and other auxiliary services for Fresenius for over 25 years.  This 36,000 square foot building brings the Headquarters of Research and Development of this company to the Ogden campus. 


Providing over fifty work spaces, a research and development library,  and four separate laboratories and associated support functions, this building will allow the technicians to design new products and fine tune existing lines, increasing the productivity and adaptability of the company as a whole.



Client Fresenius Medical Care USA

Size: 36,000 SF

Cost: $6,500,000

Design: Pierre Langue, Alan Turner

Completed: 2010 



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