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First Security

6th Floor Remodel



The owner of the First Security Building in downtown Salt Lake City desired an interior remodel of their historic building. This project will serve as a model floor to be used in the leasing of 5 other floors in the building, among other marketing uses.   


The spatial organization of the tenant space was arranged to break the rigid geometry of the existing shell and create open spaces. Glass was used where possible for walls and doors to further open the spaces visually and allow light to penetrate into all major areas of the project.  The use of wood flooring for the wall finishes creates a warm and inviting space in the main entrance and lobby areas.  


As in other offices, the reception desk serves as the focus of activity and attention in this project. The simple geometry of the desk contrasts with the complex surface undulations and ripples, which vary in intensity, from one area of the desk to the next. Flat surfaces are provided for working, making this desk a functional and visually striking centerpiece to the project.



Client: City Creek Reserve

Location: Salt Lake City

Size: 1200 SF per floor


Completion Date: 2011



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