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Deseret Digital Media

Salt Lake City, Utah


Deseret Digital Media is a media and online services company, associated with several groups including KSL Broadcasting and the Deseret News. Expanding into an adjacent floor to their current spaces; their goals were to provide a new model for highly collaborative space, designed specifically for the way that they work.  A need was also identified for integrated multimedia capabilities; seamlessly combining digital and analog methods of communication.


DDM prefers open-office working environments, combined with a variety of collaborative spaces, and individual ‘flex’ spaces.  Axis chose to organize their three distinct groups of open-office space around central conference rooms and ‘scrum’ spaces.  Scrum is a term borrowed from rugby, which describes a combined team effort to push their work forward.  Every aspect of the project is geared to this ideal.  The boundaries between the different types of spaces were designed to be dynamic and energetic.  DDM wanted to have an intimate and unique space, without a ‘corporate’ feel.


From the outset, DDM was interested in a modular wall system with very well integrated multimedia capabilities.  Axis worked with the client group to fully exploit the capabilities of this system; traveling with them to the manufacturer’s site for more insight.  We were able to successfully combine this system with the normal construction methods, and an aggressive construction schedule.   


Client: Deseret Digital Media

Size: 13,800 SF
Cost: NA
Completion: November 2014












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