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Eduro Healthcare

Salt Lake City, Utah



Axis Architects partnered with Furst Construction to remodel the existing Sue-Rich Bowling Lanes building for Eduro Healthcare, a premium healthcare services provider. This project converted an existing bowling alley into a unique and vibrant office space for Eduro’s headquarters. The new spaces include several private offices along the exterior, with open office space toward the center, and other support spaces. However, what sets this office space apart from any other is that it celebrates the history of the 1956-built bowling alley by featuring two of the original 12 bowling lanes at the heart of the building. A conference room was suspended above the lanes to allow them to remain fully operational. At the opposite end of the lanes, Axis designed a bank of wood “bleacher” style seating, allowing Eduro to use their space for company bowling tournaments and informal gatherings. This approach seeks to reinforce the company’s unconventional and lively culture.
Above the conference room Axis took advantage of the space within the large bow trusses of the roof to create a mezzanine level with a seating area flanked by two executive offices, which protrude from the barrel roof to provide large viewing windows to the east and west.






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