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City Creek Center Sales Office

Salt Lake City, Utah



This real estate sales office is responsible for the marketing and sales of 300 condominium units in 3 high-rise buildings located in downtown Salt Lake City.  Axis paid close attention to detailing and materials, along with the overall spatial layout of the space.  The resulting design creates an impressive but warm space that welcomes prospective customers into the office.  Working with a limited budget and schedule, Axis Architects created a functional and elegant space. The design and construction documents had to be completed in 3 weeks to meet the owners schedule.


The City Creek concept began as a way to bring a new style of urban living to Salt Lake City's downtown, a more cosmopolitan atmosphere here in this historic western city. It culminates in a community that will bring not only new energy to the City, but will also energize all those who live, work, and play here. As City Creek meanders through the pathways and plazas, past living spaces located above intriguing shops and dining options, so too will residents and visitors alike discover a pleasant urban stroll as exciting and energizing as anything that's ever come to downtown.



Client:  City Creek Reserve, Inc.

Size: 2,700 SF

Cost: $377,000

Design: Pierre Langue

Completed: August 2011

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