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BD Medical Stopcock Molding Facility

Sandy, Utah



The Stopcock Molding Facility for BD Medical will greatly increase the productivity of the overall plant, allowing for the production of integral medical device components.


As a medical manufacturing zone, this portion of the plant requires a class 100,000 SF clean room for two-thirds of the 12,070 SF remodel area. In addition to the infiltration limits, Axis Architects is responsible for the coordination of all the utilities and services which feed the injection molding presses: power (120V, 240V, 480V, including bus ducts, transformers and panels); water (process piping, chilled water); pneumatic compressed air; vacuum pump material piping supply and return; positive pressure air supply, return and filtration; magnehelix pressure sensors; thermolator temperature regulators; conveyor system for sprew regrind systems; water pressure and temperature sensors; water leak detection systems and press mold maintenance crane.


Client: BD Medical

Size: 12,070 SF

Cost: $3,000,000

Completed: March 2010



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